Series of 13 episodes

Each one is based on the selected story - Polish fairy tale, legend, myth.

We are going to use multiple methods of filmmaking (real actors, animations, experimental, etc.) although still leaving it homogenpus, pointing bond and consistency between Polish folk culture and "high" culture.

In their ideological manner, our films will refer to interpretation to Polish stories and legends created by Polish classics in the late XIX and early XX century.


'Fern Flower'

('Kwiat Paproci')

Episode 1 - series pilot

It is anting and animated fairy tale for children and youth. Tells a story about a boy inspired by the legend told by the witch about a magical fern flower. Against his mother, he decides to go on a trip to find this special flower.


Message, influence, inspiration

In this specific and extremely original we can experience deep emotions, intensified by a mystery, underestimation, being 'between different dimensions'.

Secrets, desire, threats, on the forces of evil are feelings that put the boy to the test, making his life full of drama and troubles, in 'sensation of fear created by decisions made by a child'. Challenges beyond his strength, get entangled in terrifying situations, loneliness and longing for his home, put in a magical tragedy.


The values we want to convey

This film will be a kind of visionary picture where you can 'dive in' without 3D effects. This is a unique project making in Poland.


In their ideological and literary interpretation films will refer to Polish fairy tales and legends.


Fear, mystery, desire and magic potential we will simulate with scenography, model of magical forest in 1:1 scale.


We are building an equal ground for characters' universum, making a coherent whole with operator, scenographic and general techniques.


Techniques used in films are built on present Polish and worldwide animation.

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- Producer -

Czarny Karzeł

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Documentary and Feature Film Studios
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Omega Trading Sp. z o. o.

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Marta Filipiak

- Patrons of Culture -

Polish Film Institute
Kuyavian Pomeranian Voivodeship
Bydgoszcz City

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Bohema Hotel
Museum of the First Piasts Open-air museum in Dziekanowice
Communal Cultural Center in Żytno
RK Rental

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